Project EurHope

Foster Unity

Project EurHope aims at fostering greater interaction and support among European Citizens. The dream of a united European polity can be built on the premises of trust, solidarity, collaboration, friendship, mutual understanding and respect.

power to europeans

Project EurHope primarily believes in the power of citizens to enact social change and strengthen the democratic foundation of the European Union. We encourage young Europeans to take action, discuss, and participate critically to current debates, to offer new solutions. For EU institutions and national politicians to reflect our ideas and respond collectively, as Europeans, We must share ideas, build the conscience of our identity and give voice to our common destiny

a new renaissance

We call for a new renaissance. The European project means different things to different people: promoting economic interests, positioning European countries in the global geopolitical competition, creating a shared space of values, culture, and ideas. The EU might become a unique project of reconciliation and peace, tolerance and prosperity, or it could crumble under the pressure of competitive interests. We are at a crossroads, as national sentiments are resurging pushing us back in history. We will fight to build a common European path based on solidarity and trust.

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“When we heard about Project EurHope, an initiative put together by five current International Relations & Global Politics students, we were very eager to invite them for a virtual aperitivo to find out more. While all of our podcasts have a global outlook, this one really takes the cake. We were blown away by our students’ vision and dedication, and we are sure that you will be too – so be sure to tune in.”