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The five of us come from different corners of the world, our common language is English although English is not the mother tongue for most of us. We feel European. We are Europeans. We have different backgrounds and life experiences, what unites us is our love for Europe. WeHope to see the European Union come out stronger after the global COVID19 pandemic that is testing both its foundations and prospects. With Project EurHope we would like to open a channel to discuss the EU, its history, structure and, most of all, policies and objectives with our peers across the world. This platform is thought for young Europeans and global citizens alike – whether they live in the EU borders or not. Please, join us to share your ideas and opinions!

About Us

Adriana Parrotta

Hello everyone! I’m Adriana, I’m American-Italian from New York.  Although I love my home country, my future is in Europe. When I’m finished with university I hope to one day work for the European Union and live and work in one of the many beautiful countries that make up the EU. 

Miriam Ferrero

 Hi! I am an Italian student coming from Turin. My passion for travelling and my experience living in Asia have strongly influenced my vision of a cohesive, supportive and respectful cosmopolitan society. In the future, I would like to work in the humanitarian field.

Irene D'Antimo

 Hello, I’m Irene and I’m Greek-Italian from Rome. I believe in the promise of a closer stronger, committed European Union. I love learning languages, new cultures, and new recipes. My dream is to work in the European and International Institutions. 

Bashir Elyas

Ciao everyone, I am Bashir! I was born in Egypt but proud to be raised in Italy, deeply in love with what the EU stands for.  Grown in between different cultures, I learned to appreciate and celebrate their differences.

Dario G. Perotto

Hello, I’m Dario. I was born and raised in Milan, Italy. Ever since I was young I’ve been passionate in the international branches both of Politics and Economics. I had the luck to live one year abroad, which taught me to appreciate even more the role of our international institutions. 

Dr. Irene Caratelli

Dr Irene Caratelli, Chair Social Sciences Division and Director of the International Relations and Global Politics Program at The American University of Rome. Dr Caratelli’s areas of expertise: International Relations, European Studies and International Political Economy.